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Terms and Conditions

Thank you for shopping at Snap Communications! 

It is our commitment to provide you with excellent service and savings! 

General Terms and Conditions

  • Snap Communications reserves the right to reserve service to anyone.

  • Any devices new or used cannot be returned unless deemed necessary by Snap Communications. 

    • If a return is approved there will be a restock fee of up to $50 charged before a replacement and/or refund is issued.

    • Cellular devices have a 30 day warranty that covers manufacturer defects.

  • Accessories (excluding audio devices) have a 7 day exchange period as long as they are returned with all original packaging and in like new condition.

    • Audio devices are not returnable due to health and safety concerns.​

  • Any services including Cellular PIN and/or SIM card purchases and fees including but not limited to activation and porting fees are non-refundable at any time. 

  • If a refund is applicable it will be issues with the same form of tender that was used at time of purchase. If that form of tender is not available a check will be issued within 5 to 7 business days. Cash refunds will typically never be issued same day. 

  • In the even of any harm or damages within Snap Communication's property, Snap Communications will not be held responsible. If Snap Communications property is damaged, the damaging party will be held responsible.

  • Snap Communications is not responsible for any customer's personal property. This includes but is not limited to: Stolen property, lost property, or property left behind. If personal property is left behind, Snap Communications will put it in lost and found for 30 days, then the property will be disposed of if not claimed. 

  • All Snap Communications plans last 30 days from date of payment and/or expiration. Months that have 31 days will not be credited the extra day. 

Online and Auto Payment Terms and Conditions

  • Payments made through our online portal are non-refundable at any time unless deemed necessary by Snap Communications.

  • If a refund is applicable it will be issues with the same form of tender that was used at time of purchase. If that form of tender is not available a check will be issued within 5 to 7 business days. 

  • Payments made through the online portal are only processed during business hours. If you have made a payment after business hours, your payment will be applied the next business day. Please allow up to 2 hours for processing.

  • If you make an online payment before your service end date, the plan will be applied to your account on your service end date. If you would like to add data to your device, or early renew your plan to apply immediately, you must call our store at 406-750-4576. 

  • There is a $1 card charge fee for each plan purchased on our online portal and for all Auto Payments.

  • If you would like to change your monthly plan, you must contact your store before making your payment. The payment applies to your current plan. 

    • If you make a payment different than your current monthly plan, it will not apply to your number and we will credit your Snap Communications account. ​

  • If you are on Auto Pay and you switch to another carrier, payments will not automatically stop. You must contact Snap Communications to request payments be stopped before your payment pulls. If Snap Communications is not notified and the payment pulls, the payment will be non-refundable.

Repair Terms and Conditions

  • Repairs completed by Snap Communications have a 30 day warranty so long as no further damage has occurred since the repair. Snap Communications must be notified of any malfunctions within the 30 day window.

  • Full payment is required before repair can begin. If a part needs to be ordered, half down is required before part is ordered.

  • All repairs are non-refundable once the repair is completed. If a repair is attempted and it is found that the device is not fixable, there will be a $25 diagnostics fee unless otherwise discussed with Snap Communications. 

  • Snap Communications can not guarantee full function of all features on a device after a repair. The customer will be informed of any risks before the repair begins. 

  • Snap Communications is not responsible for any accessories on/in a device being repaired. All accessories should be removed before repair. This includes but is not limited to: Sim Card, Charging Cables, Cases, etc. 

  • Water damage in a device voids all warranties, weather the water damage was before or after the repair. Water damage is unpredictable and Snap Communications can not guarantee function of the device for any amount of time. 

  • Devices may not have the same water resistance rating after repair.

  • If a device is repaired and the customer does not pick up the device within 60 days with no contact, the device will become property of Snap Communications. Snap Communications will make 3 attempts to contact the customer over multiple weeks. 

  • If a device is mailed to Snap Communications for repair, we are not responsible for any late or lost packages. Snap Communications will mail all packages back with Insurance, tracking, and signature required delivery. 

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